NSW Government Provides Free Workplace Mental Health Training

Many of us will be affected by mental ill-health at some stage in our life.

Research shows taking steps to support mental health at work can make a difference.

The NSW Government have some practical tools to talk about and support mental health in your workplace. They also have free training programs for eligible businesses that are easy-to-do and suitable for everyone.

What is workplace mental health training?

The free government evidence-based training programs are:

  • designed to give you the tools to promote positive mental health at work
  • delivered by experts from Black Dog Institute
  • designed for all roles in the workplace
  • available as an interactive workshop or self-paced online learning. You can book multiple sessions and delivery options. 

Is my business eligible?

You’re eligible for free training if your workplace is a privately owned NSW business with less than 200 employees or a not for profit of any size.

What training Programs are available?

Three programs are available that are developed and delivered by experts from The Black Dog Institute.

  1. Leading a Mentally Healthy Workplace – gives employers and executive leaders practical strategies to create a psychosocially safe and positive work environment.
  2. Managing for Team Wellbeing – helps managers and supervisors develop their wellbeing leadership skills to create a mentally healthier workplace. 
  3. Your Mental Health at Work – gives sole traders and employees practical strategies to care for their own mental health at work and support others. 

These training programs are focused on providing practical early-intervention and prevention strategies. Content covered includes ways to prevent mental ill-health at work, support colleagues experiencing mental Illness and how to promote positive mental health and wellbeing at work.

How is the training delivered?

Training programs are available as an interactive workshop or self-paced online training.

  • Up to 200 people in your workplace can access the self-paced online training or participate in an interactive workshop.
  • Workplaces or groups of less than 15 people can join a public interactive workshop with other businesses.
  • Private interactive workshops are available for groups of 15+ people.
  • You can book multiple training options per workplace.

To register

  • Check the eligibility requirements.
  • Select the ‘Register for training’ button on the NSW Government website.
  • Complete and submit the online form.  
  • The Black Dog Institute will contact you to book your training session.